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Since 2016
Charitable Foundation
MERCY & HEALTH Founded in 2016
Our Foundation was created with an aim of targeted help for the civilians who have suffered as a result of Russian aggression against Ukraine. We also provide assistance to hospitals, to the armed forces of Ukraine, whom we supply with medicines, medical equipment, food, clothes, and so on.
We are honest
We are fair
We are open
We are not just talking – we are doing
Our Team
We are young, energetic, very different, but everyone of us supports Ukraine with all of our hearts and souls. During this time, everyone of us is doing our best to help those, who really needs it.
Founder and Chairman of the Board
Oleksandr Yatsyna
Dmytro Tkachuk
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Kateryna Artamonova
Managing director
Kateryna Bohadelnikova
responsible for communication with hospitals and HCP
Yuriy Suharevskiy
responsible for communication with Armed Forces of Ukraine
Daria Baglai
Specialist in media and communications
Yaroslav Kostyniuk
responsible for communications with civilians
Sofiia Barysheva
responsible for pharmaceutical supplies
Dmytro Rybalchenko
Specialist in the auto technical part
Svitlana Shkolnik
Vitalii Vasylevskyi
responsible for statistics
Akhmedov Babek Kanan
responsible for humanitarian supplies
Oleksandr Tkachuk
responsible for technical support
A specialist in provision.
Shkolnyk Illya
Our initiatives
Our team delivers a lot of humanitarian aid to the military and civilians every day. But there is something that sets us apart from others.

Thanks to our partners from Belgium, BeForUa, we deliver new and fully equipped ambulances to different parts of Ukraine.

We also have projects in which we provide the military with a large number of tactical first-aid kits, paramedic backpacks, generators, etc.
Our everyday life during the war
Our team delivers a lot of humanitarian aid every day. But there is something that sets us apart from others. Thanks to our partners from Belgium BeForUa, we are actively working to obtain and deliver new ambulances throughout Ukraine. We also have projects with the delivery of a large number of tactical first aid kits, medical backpacks and generators.
Media about us
Our Charitable Foundation provides humanitarian assistance to the civilians, who have suffered from the Russian aggression, hospitals and to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We deliver medicines, medical equipment, food and clothing to the eastern part of our country.
Psychological help
We also have a psychological department, in which our best psychologists can help our people who have suffered from the war or violence.
Our partners
During this time, we cooperate with other charitable foundations, public and volunteer organizations in order to provide assistance as quickly as possible.
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